Benji Flaming

We've seen you numerous times w Monroe Xing. You're amazing. We enjoy talking with you. How did you learn to play banjo and break into the music scene? How'd you find others "serious" about playing?

Benji Flaming responded on 10/15/2010

After a couple of years as a self-taught keyboardist (my roots are in electronic music), I got a guitar and banjo for Christmas. A dear friend of our family (Susan Khaury, who later married Tiny Tim) purchased the instruments for me, showed me my first guitar chords, and paid for my first banjo lessons. Kevin Barnes then served as my banjo instructor, and eventually my general-music-mentor for many years.

It was through Kevin that I originally got to know his neighbor Mark Anderson (who would later become Monro Crossing's bass player). At one point or another, I met all the other members of Monroe Crossing through various MBOTMA events (see

I was originally with Monroe Crossing back in 2001, and I co-engineered their first CD along with Mark. I was 17 at the time. After that, I did "other things" until I came back to the band in the beginning of 2007.

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