Benji Flaming

How is your Nechville set up? We love your solo banjo album.

Benji Flaming responded on 11/12/2010

Glad you're enjoying the album! Since my solo material tends to employ lower tunings, I use slightly heavier strings in the middle. The gauges I am currently using are 10-11-13-26-10. These are also the gauges I used on the album. A number of years ago, I was actually using 11-12-14-32-11, but I found that it clamped too much life out of the instrument when using tunings closer to "standard".

The other major setup factor is the bridge. I am using a Sampson bridge made from Koa and Purpleheart. (Incidentally, I've also used one of Rick Sampson's Native American flutes in a couple of my "weekly acoustic sketch" videos.) A quick Google shows that Elderly Instruments carries Sampson bridges in this wood configuration, if you're interested to try one.

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