Benji Flaming

I love the tone you're getting - sounds a great deal like Bela Fleck. Looks like you have a non-standard 5th string and a non-Nechville bridge. Anything else noteworthy? Head, tap tone, etc.

Benji Flaming responded on 11/12/2010

Thanks a lot! The 5th string on my solo instrument runs the entire length of the neck, with a 5th-string-capo in a recessed track on the side. This is Tom Nechville's patented "capobility" design, which is a feature of his "Nuvo" models. The neck on my instrument is also graphite-reinforced, which may or may not have a lot to do with how the instrument sounds.

As mentioned elsewhere on this page, the bridge is one that Rick Sampson built from Koa and Purpleheart.

Other than that, I just tighten or loosen the head occasionally, if the instrument is no longer responding the way I need it to.

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