Benji Flaming

Who are some of your important musical influences?

Benji Flaming responded on 11/12/2010

Any such list will be *woefully* incomplete, but:

I'd have to start with electronic music pioneer Isao Tomita. After that (chronologically), probably John Williams (Star Wars, Hook, Harry Potter, and countless others).

Melodically, I would definitely cite Enya as influential. In a similar vein, Karl Jenkins would be both a melodic and rhythmic influence.

As far as banjo players go, my #1 influence is probably Czech banjoist Lubos Malina, who plays with the wonderful band Druha Trava. Many of the *types* of chord voicings that I like to reach for on banjo, I first heard from him.

I try to learn from everything I hear, though. When I'm driving around the Twin Cities, if I'm not just enjoying the silence, I frequently listen to KDWB or 93X (a top-40 station and a hard rock station, respectively). I wouldn't hesitate to say that I've been musically influenced by Brittany Spears and Eminem.

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