Benji Flaming

What key is your banjo tuned in for carol of the bells.Please and thank you!

Benji Flaming responded on 12/04/2010

It is a C minor tuning, based on the classic "double-C" tuning. From the 1st string to the 5th string, the notes are: D#, C, G, C, D. The tricky bit is that I have the 5th string dropped all the way to the peghead in order to get that open D note - which is something that I can only do because I'm playing a Nechville "Nuvo" (visit if you haven't heard of Nechville banjos before). You might be able to get away with tuning the 5th string all the way down to a D, but it might start sounding a bit odd, depending on the string gauge in use.

I'll be adding a "tunings" page to in February.

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