Benji Flaming

Thank you for such beautiful music! Who brought you to the banjo in the first place?

Benji Flaming responded on 01/06/2011

Glad you're enjoying the music! I originally became interested in the banjo when I was about 9, after hearing a very gifted entertainer named Jack Pearson, who makes his living as a children's musician. Jack plays banjo, guitar, fiddle, and amplified toybox lid (among other things). My interest was further fueled by an Alan Munde tape called "In the Tradition", and an old record called "The Banjo King Plays Ragtime".

At that time, I'd been a self-taught keyboardist for a year or two, and stringed instruments were new and as-yet unexplored territory.

I tinkered with a tenor banjo that my grandpa had (he'd never played it - just acquired it with some furniture many years before), but never really did anything with it.

Susan Khuary, a dear friend of my family, gave me my first guitar and 5-string banjo for Christmas when I was 10. She also showed me my first guitar chords, and funded my early banjo lessons.

That, in a proverbial nutshell, is what brought me to the banjo.

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