Benji Flaming

Are the others in your family like you ?? unique !!

Benji Flaming responded on 01/06/2011

Well, yes and no. I'm very much like both of my parents, in various respects, although neither of them actively play musical instruments, nor do they write computer software, or dress anachronistically.

I also have a younger brother who is very artistically gifted, but he generally prefers to stay at home and keep to his private daily routines as much as possible. He seems to possess an enviable ability to enforce the "order" he desires on the universe around him. ;)

To answer your question in another way: "Not exactly."

I might add, however, that in the grand scheme of things I'm really not all that unusual. I am, essentially, a fairly typical computer geek who has been fortunate enough to have his social sphere expanded to an unusual scale by active involvement with musical performance. :)

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