Benji Flaming

Benji i ask questions all the time they don't go thru when i press send?:??or sumit???

Benji Flaming responded on 04/06/2011

So sorry that your questions have gone unanswered. The fact of the matter is, being a slow and methodical writer, I simply have not had a good block of time to provide written responses (I'm backlogged on e-mail and Facebook replies as well). I would prefer to turn off the "fan questions" feature for the time being, but FanBridge provides me with no way to do so. For this reason (and others), I will be moving my e-mail list away from FanBridge, and over to my own server, later this month. In the meantime, I'm setting up an account with, where you will soon be able to ask questions, and I will be able to respond more quickly by recording video responses on my laptop's webcam. Thanks for your patience. :)

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